Our mission . . .

. . . is to provide the best physical therapy in the area with state-of-the art equipment and exclusive services. Our staff are dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate and innovative care to all, in a personal, fun and festive atmosphere. No session time limits along with services not offered anywhere else. We want our patients to Love Their Life Again!

...As a Private Practice we. . .

  • . . . only have you to answer to, we don't answer to Big Corporate Bean Counters controlling the delivery of care.
  • . . . offer No Session Time Limits; No Clock Watchers Here.
  • . . . offer return visits the same day, No Extra Charge
  • . . . avail more treatment session time if requested, needed and/or required.
  • . . . offer Higher level of Quality Care, Unmatched Skill, all at a lower cost to the Healthcare System!

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